Avigail meets her family after being freed
Avigail meets her family after being freedSchneider Children's Hospital

51 days have passed since 4-year-old Avigail Idan was taken hostage following the murder of both of her parents by Hamas terrorists during the massacre of October 7.

Last night (Sunday), Avigail was finally released and met with members of her extended family, who will raise her now that her parents have been murdered by Hamas. Avigail's case became a cause celebre among the 240 hostages held by Hamas after it was raised by US President Joe Biden due to her age and the fact that she is an American citizen.

Avigail's aunt, Amit Idan, said that the child "arrived very tired, she probably had a long journey - but she's fine, she's really fine, she'll get over the shock a little from all the faces she doesn't know."

Carmel, Avigail's grandfather, said that she "probably hasn't bathed since the first day. Tomorrow she will be released. She asked about what happened to her siblings. As for her father and mother, she didn't ask about them. She asked to see them but not to meet them."

Avigail's siblings, Michael, 9, and Amalya, 6, survived the massacre and escaped capture by hiding in a closet for 14 hours.