Dedicating a Torah scroll at the home of hostage Mia Shem
Dedicating a Torah scroll at the home of hostage Mia ShemCourtesy of the photographer

Rabbi David Stav, chair of the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization and rabbi of the city of Shoham, recently responded to a special request from the mother of Mia Shem, a resident of the city who remains among the captives in Gaza.

In her request, Shem's mother asked for a special prayer session to be held at the family home, calling for the release of all the hostages.

The prayer service was part of an initiative whereby Torah scrolls are brought into the homes of the kidnapped. Organizers behind this special initiative were in touch with Mia’s mother, who then reached out to Rabbi Stav asking that he come to the home along with other local residents to be part of the prayer service.

The event was made open to the general public and hundreds of people attended, religious and secular alike, of all ages. They all gathered to pray for the quick and safe return of Mia alongside all the other captives still being held.

“These are deeply challenging days for all the Jewish people, but are certainly so much more complex for the families of the hostages. If there is any light that can emerge from this time, it is that we have succeeded in becoming one family,” Rabbi Stav said, addressing the event.

He added, “This brutal enemy thought that we were a divided people, but they could have never realized that in truth our unity would be stronger than ever. It is so moving to see such a diverse gathering of people from all over Shoham and beyond, who are gathering for this special occasion and to pray in a way that proves that we will be victorious by being together. May we be blessed with the quick return of all the hostages.”