Avigail Idan’s aunt: She needs privacy, time and quiet

Ella Mor, the aunt of Avigail Idan, the four-year-old dual American-Israeli citizen who was abducted on October 7th by Hamas terrorists after both her parents were murdered, released a video in which she discussed her niece's release.

"I'm Ella, Guli's aunt. We are very emotional and waiting for her here in the helicopter area. She will be here soon. I want to say thank you to the whole country for supporting, loving, and embracing us and her, but it's important for me to say that Guli has a family," she stated.

She added that Avigail "needs privacy and she needs time and quiet, so please, no media right now. No phones, no filming her. We will release a statement to the media later on if needed, but for now, give her time. Thank you."

Earlier in the evening, US President Joe Biden mentioned Avigail's release: "Two days ago, one of our fellow Americans turned four years old. She spent her birthday, that birthday, and at least 50 days before that, held hostage by Hamas. Today, she's free, and Jill and I, together with so many Americans, are praying that she will be alright."