Red Cross convoy carrying hostages
Red Cross convoy carrying hostagesAtia Mohammed/Flash90

Along with 13 Israelis who are to be freed today under the prisoner exchange deal, a 14th Israeli who also holds Russian citizenship is expected to be released as well, according to Channel 12 News.

According to the reports, the release comes at the request of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was also reported that his release will take place shortly before the next group of hostages is freed.

Despite this, no official sources in the Russian embassy in Israel have confirmed the release. Israeli officials have confirmed the information.

Moscow has been working independently over the past several weeks to negotiate with Hamas to release eight Russian citizens who had been abducted from Israel into the Gaza Strip.

A Red Cross official told Sky News "We are unsure that any additional hostages will be freed today."

"It is important that both Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners be reunited with their families. The situation in Gaza is so hopeless, and the ceasefire must continue," the official added.

These comments come on the background of a delay yesterday and releasing the hostages, and in light of a breach of the agreement when Hamas separated 13-year-old Hila Rotem from her mother.