Aviv Gefen
Aviv GefenMiriam Alster/Flash90

Users on X denounced Israeli singer Aviv Gefen after he mocked Channel 14 News for observing Shabbat.

The channel ended its broadcast before the release of the hostages on Friday, since the release was to take place after Shabbat began. Gefen posted the channel's 'Shabbat Shalom' screen with the caption 'First pictures of the hostages being released.'

Journalist Avishai Greenzweig commented: "There was a brief period where Aviv Gefen conformed to the national parameters, respected tradition, and joined the movement uniting the nation. He has since gone back to his wayward practices, mocking the religious and causing divides among us. I admit I do not watch Channel 14 News, but to mock them as if they do not care about the hostages because they are keeping Shabbat is a display of hatred for someone else disguised as a compliment."

Haredi journalist Shimi Shafer commented: "Lately, they said that he has changed, that he no longer hates religion and is in favor of accepting other views. There are many who did not believe this and thought that it was a publicity stunt. They were right."

Another user commented: "He intended to curse us, and instead blessed us. There are two reasons for this - the first, the media drama around the hostages is not helping them and indeed only raises the price. Fewer headlines and reports will make the situation better. The second reason is that Shabbat is far more important than any media update. Of course, we would very much like to know what is going on, and yet we still waited until Shabbat was over. With God's help, we will be victorious together."

Another user wrote: "Among the religious Zionist community there are soldiers who form a central pillar of the IDF, who are paying with their blood for the existence of a Jewish state. What exactly is the problem if a large demographic in the state, which fights for it seven days a week, does not want to have television broadcasts on Shabbat?"

Yet another user, calling herself Segal Elmaliach, wrote: "I do not understand how you can dare to portray yourself as someone who cares more about the hostages than those who keep Shabbat. Our religious soldiers who fell in battle would also not have watched television on Shabbat. And let's not forget that your father wore a shirt with the caption 'All terrorists need is a hug'.