Red Cross with hostages
Red Cross with hostagesAtia Mohammed/Flash90

The following was sent to President Biden, Vice-President Harris, U.S. Senators Durbin and Duckworth and other Congressional representatives from both sides of the aisle, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Each of them has clearly demonstrated a distinct desire to make a difference in the betterment of our great nations and our diverse populations. It's time for hate agendas to be recognized for what they are--an affront to what Israel and America represent within:

"Hamas-Israeli-officials-confirm-deal-nearly-reached-for-release-of-50- 100-hostages/ ... in exchange for (alleged) 300 Hamas duly convicted and imprisoned terrorists.”

If such is endorsed by Israel and America, it may prove an abomination that will prolong ever increasing levels of terrorism and violence; psychological as well as physical that will target Israel and by extension Jews, worldwide; and for many years to come.

Israel, Jews and the U.S. may then appear weak and even somewhat causative to the inexcusable historical abuses to which our Jewish People seem to be prone.

Evil thrives on perceived weakness and as my father, Lawrence of Blessed Memory, frequently reminded me; “Unchallenged Evil never fades of its own accord.”

Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Hezbollah and the other proxies and militias of Puppet-Master Iran have consistently and unapologetically demonstrated disdain towards Jews, Israel and the United States since its 1979 Revolution and repeatedly prophesies our eventual annihilation.

As such, an off-balance exchange proposal, if accepted; clearly demonstrates that the lives of convicted and legally imprisoned terrorists with Jewish blood dripping from their evil hand's far exceeds the value of innocent Jews taken and held hostage during the most egregious of circumstances on 10/07/2023. This is an insult to the memories of the 1200 brutally murdered victims, each of whom suffered reprehensible, inhumane acts; the likes of which were last seen during the pogroms, gassings and burning of young and old bodies to hide the evidence of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust and on 10/07/2023.

The Biden administration must also weigh its complicity with the above inequitable proposal as well; as it conveys America’s weakness and may have consequences that will stain the President's legacy and further diminish America’s Geo-political credibility; far worse than the suspected reckless abandonment of Afghanistan in the not too distant past.

President Biden, Prime Minister Netanyahu; bear in mind that the world is watching and weighing your actions to see what your codes of conduct are, especially during such dark and trying circumstances.

Best to finish the tough talk of fully neutralizing Hamas so Israel can contend with Hezbollah, and its inevitable Iranian confrontation. It certainly won’t get any easier with time, particularly in the face of those cursing Jews with escalating antisemitism and purposeful destabilization encompassing our planet.

Yet, should evil be fought with conviction and prayers; when the dust finally settles; the parties currently driven by hate and jealousy may eventually seek a better life’s path from which to value their children, grandchildren and successive generations lives above the death of their enemies.


Bruce Portnoy

Bruce Portnoy is an Opinion Journalist or Israel National News/ Arutz Sheva; Jerusalem Post/Report and other respected media and author of the Geo-political thriller 'First, the ‘Saturday People’, and then the...'