Aviv, friend of Omer Wenkert who was abducted to Gaza
Aviv, friend of Omer Wenkert who was abducted to GazaIsrael National News

Aviv, a friend of Omer Wenkert who was abducted to the Gaza Strip, spoke to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News at "Hostage Square", the public square outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where families of hostages held by Hamas have been gathering for the past several weeks.

Aviv spoke about the situation in which hostages will begin to be released on Friday as part of the deal with Hamas, but they will be women and children, and Omer, a 22-year-old who was abducted from the Supernova music festival in Re’im, will not be among those released.

"We cannot create a situation where one hostage is released at the expense of another. The slogan was to bring back 'everyone - and now'. We are optimistic and know that Omer is coming back to us and believe in it - we would just be happy for it to happen sooner," he said.

"At least let us have the hope that he is getting the medication he needs. Omer has Crohn's disease, which can flare up in certain mental states and being in captivity may encourage this, so it is important that he takes his medication," added Aviv.

"It sucks that he's not coming back - but I'm happy that there are people who will return to their families. It's so wrong to put us in a situation where it comforts me that a little boy came back but Omer didn't. It was supposed to be different," he said.

When asked what he knows about the last moments before Wenkert was abducted, Aviv responded that most of the information is uncertain. "Apparently he was in a mobile shelter in Re’im, together with Kim, our friend. They threw grenades at them and we were told that she threw them back. At some point she was murdered and Omer, apparently, came out with his hands raised and then was abducted. We saw a video with a van showing Omer with bruises and the terrorists beating him and next to him are two bodies. After a few hours we saw that he was tied to a sandbag."

And despite everything, Omar Wenkert's friends remain optimistic. "I fully believe that he is in good health. He has a lot of strength and I am sure that he will return to us."

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