Erdan shows photo of Hamas leader with child
Erdan shows photo of Hamas leader with childUN Photo/Evan Schneider

In an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting held today on the situation of women and children in Gaza, Israel's Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan harshly criticized UN Women for its malicious disregard of the rape and murder of Israeli women by Hamas terrorists and UNICEF for its disregard of Hamas' indoctrination of children to terror and use of children as human shields.

The Ambassador presented a photo of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, "This is Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas. And the child he is holding, is a victim of UNICEF’s indifference. A picture is worth a thousand words and this says all you need to know about Hamas’ treatment of children in Gaza."

The Ambassador asked the Executive Director of UNICEF Catherine Russell, "Executive Director Russell, have you never seen this picture? Are you unaware of the terror summer camps that Hamas runs every year in Gaza to indoctrinate children to murder? So many Gazan children were born into a culture of hate. A culture that glorifies violence and educates kids to murder. It is a death cult that puts martyrdom ahead of life, coexistence, and the pursuit of peace. How many UNICEF reports have been written on this? None. While we teach our children to love and accept others, the children of Gaza are taught that the murder of Jews and Israel’s annihilation is their life goal. They are educated on this in their schools – yes, including UNRWA schools. Why has this child abuse never bothered UNICEF? There is absolutely no chance that UNICEF is unaware of this. So, Executive Director Russell, where has your organization been all this time?"

"Rockets have been found in children’s bedrooms in Gaza. Rocket launchers were located inside a scout’s youth movement clubhouse. Missile manufacturing facilities were found under mosques. And caches of assault rifles were found in UNRWA schools. We have not heard UNICEF’s outcry over Hamas’ exploitation of Gazan children as human shields. Where is it?"

The Ambassador presented a photo of Hamas terrorists surrounded by children, "This is a photo taken a few days ago in Gaza. These savage Hamas terrorists are walking around in broad daylight armed and in uniform, after effectively strapping children to themselves as live body armor. This is the enemy that Israel is defending itself against. This is who you hardly have a single word of criticism against."

The Ambassador asked members of the Council, "Where have the briefers been for all of these years? Where are their voices now? Why are Hamas’ crimes almost non-existent in this briefing, when Hamas – and only Hamas – is solely responsible for the situation in Gaza? There is no other explanation for this other than apathy towards Gazans, coupled with burning hatred for Israel. This is not a briefing – this is an inquisition."

Ambassador Erdan presented a photo of Naama Levy, one of the women taken hostage by Hamas who was raped by her captors. "I sent this picture of Naama Levy who was dragged out of the trunk of a jeep by a Hamas terrorist, as part of a video, wearing sweatpants soaked in blood around her backside….You want to discuss women in conflict? Women’s rights? Women’s dignity? What about the dignity of Naama Levy…Sadly, to our briefers, the horrors endured by these young women are not worthy of mentioning. After all, they're Israeli – and as today’s briefing has made abundantly clear, Israeli victims don’t matter."

"Nearly fifty days have gone by since these atrocities were committed – since young girls were savagely violated – yet the world is still waiting to hear a clear, public condemnation from UN Women against Hamas sexual crimes. Shame on you UN Women, shame on you. Is UN Women not charged with ensuring that, I quote from their website, "All women and girls live a life free from all forms of violence?" Doesn't the banner of the UN Women website currently say "Hashtag 'No Excuses'"? Hasn't the world come to believe women? Hasn't the UN? To the UN and its agencies, Israeli women are not women. Israeli children are not children."

The Ambassador presented a picture of Shani Louk, a German tourist who became an international symbol of Hamas' atrocities when a video was posted of terrorists parading her nearly dead body in Gaza. "I also sent this picture of Shani Louk. Shani was dancing at the peace festival before she was abducted and murdered by Hamas. This is what her body looked like, with a Hamas terrorist on top of her. Look at her. Look at Shani."