Protest for the release of Gilad Shalit
Protest for the release of Gilad ShalitMiriam Alster, Flash90

Tammy Sheinkman, media consultant who led the campaign to free Gilad Shalit, spoke in an interview with morning program Kan Moreshet's BennyTeitelbaum about the hostage deal.

"The outline of the deal with Gilad Shalit was a little different, because the agreement was reached six months after he was in captivity," she told the news outlet.

When asked about the possibility that the pressure on the government helps Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar receive better terms for the deal, she replied: "I think that Sinwar, like most of the so-called senior Hamas members, knows the feelings that exist in Israel very well, but I don't see this as a weakness, but as a strength."

"Our war is for our ethos and our values ​​– even if they are being exploited by Sinwar. We must remember that he is doing two things. 1. Saving himself and 2. Releasing as many terrorists as possible on his side. It has nothing to do with putting more or less pressure on him, because this is anyway the essence of Hamas."

"Terrorism in practice does not only exist in deals. Unfortunately, it exists before, during, and after as well. During the time that Gilad Shalit was in captivity, 91 Israelis were murdered and there were over 650 victims of various acts of terrorism. Therefore, the meaning of terrorism should be perhaps in a different approach on how to deal with terrorism."

When asked if she regretted leading the campaign for Gilad Shalit's release, she replied: "I think you're getting a little confused. I'm still not the prime minister – first, just to be clear, Sinwar didn't have blood on his hands when he was released. Those are the facts. In practice, this is exactly the approach that needs to be considered – how do we treat groups that want to destroy us from the outset."

"Saving lives is the strongest and most important value we have as Israeli society. It was not up to me whether to release the hostages or how to release them. If it was possible to release the hostages in any other way, I would be happy. The question is what are the alternatives," she concluded.