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The government of the Canadian province of Manitoba on Tuesday announced that it would be looking to make Holocaust education more prominent in classrooms, CTV News reported.

The move is motivated by discussions with concerned Jewish students, according to the report.

It was announced by Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew, in his first throne speech delivered on Tuesday.

According to a 2021 study on the Holocaust and antisemitism, 32.9 percent of 3,593 students surveyed in Canada and the US think the Holocaust was exaggerated or fabricated.

The province did not provide a timeline for when the changes would come to classrooms. A spokesperson told CTV News all further announcements will be made in due course.

The move was welcomed by Jewish groups in Canada.

“Holocaust education is a critical tool in the fight against hate and antisemitism,” said Gustavo Zentner, president of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. “But really, it also teaches us to be mindful of other communities and other peoples.”

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote on X, “We're thrilled to learn that the Government of Manitoba is planning to mandate Holocaust education, an announcement made by Premier Wab Kinew during his first throne speech.”

“Amid rising antisemitism and hate, it's heartening to see our provincial governments recognize the importance of Holocaust education,” it added.

The Centre for Jewish and Israel Affairs (CIJA) wrote, “We’re pleased to see the commitment by Premier Wab Kinew to make Holocaust education mandatory in #Manitoba as part of the K-12 curriculum.”

“Ensuring future generations understand the Holocaust & the dangers of #Antisemitism is essential to fighting Jew hate,” added CIJA.

Michael Mostyn, B'nai Brith Canada's Chief Executive Officer, said, "This is welcome news. We have worked very hard with provincial politicians to make sure that Canadian students understand the atrocities of the Holocaust with proper education."

Marvin Rotrand, B'nai Brith's National Director of the League for Human Rights, echoed the sentiments, saying, "We are looking forward to Manitoba instituting a robust Holocaust curriculum that will ensure that every student in the province is protected from Holocaust denial and distortion."

Kinew’s announcement came one day after the government of Saskatchewan announced that Holocaust education will be a compulsory component of the high school curriculum in the province.

Other provinces that previously announced mandatory Holocaust education for students include Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.