Dr. Amir Bohbot, Walla website commentator on military and security affairs, referred to the tensions in the north and the reason for the escalation on Hezbollah’s part.

Regarding the attack on the house in the north, he said that Hezbollah "claims that there are soldiers in this house - what do you say? The problem with Israeli society is that they are being measured with a Western ruler. He speaks a different language than yours - when he launches rockets at Kiryat Shmona, how is that different?"

"We have been talking about the fighting for many days. On the first day we suffered very heavy losses," Bohbot added in an interview with Radio North.

"The political echelon defines what is happening in the north as a limited campaign, I think this will be sustainable. I think enough time has passed for the parties to understand that Hezbollah is not interested in a full-scale war."

He added: "He (Nasrallah) didn't take a step forward for nothing. He did it because Hamas is stealing his glory in the media and doing what he wanted to do."

"This is a very complex situation, and in my opinion, we need to conduct negotiations while maneuvering, and Sinwar is feeling the shelling and missiles above his head."