Munitions fond in a mosque
Munitions fond in a mosqueIDF Spokesperson

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari commented this evening that the IDF continues to discover how Hamas uses civilian institutions for terrorism.

"IDF soldiers continue to fight and further their achievements in the Gaza Strip. In the past days, our soldiers have been in frontal battles with terrorists from Hamas’ ‘Zaytun’ Battalion. This is one of the key battalions of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. Our soldiers have the upper hand in these battles. Our soldiers located and destroyed much of the battalion’s resources, including factories for the production of rockets and weapons, terrorist and intelligence materials, and headquarters, all of which are located inside or near schools, mosques and other humanitarian complexes."

"This is Hamas’ method of operation, to use the civilian population as a human shield. In addition, the soldiers from the 188th Brigade located inside a mosque, a factory that produced weapons and UAVs."

"I want you to understand - a mosque in the area of Zaytun has been used as a factory for the production of weapons. Soldiers entered the mosque and conducted a search. Working in cooperation with soldiers from the Yahalom unit and after the forces checked that there were no traps, they discovered a tunnel shaft."

"In addition to this tunnel shaft, the soldiers went further below and discovered a workshop for making rockets. Terrorists making rockets inside a mosque, taking advantage of Islam and the symbols of Islam in order to produce terrorism. This is how we work, by exposing a lot of weapons, destroying terrorist infrastructure and revealing to the world Hamas’ methods of using mosques, schools and hospitals in order to hide its terrorist infrastructure."