Terrorists in the Balata refugee camp in Shechem, February 21st, 2023
Terrorists in the Balata refugee camp in Shechem, February 21st, 2023Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

In a joint IDF and ISA overnight counterterrorism activity in the Balata Camp, an IDF aircraft struck a hideout used by terrorists involved in planning imminent terror attacks against Israeli civilians and military targets.

The terrorists killed during the activity include Muhammad Zahed, resident of the camp, a prominent terrorist in the city of Nablus. Zahed was involved in shooting attacks in the area of Nablus and planned further terror activity.

One of the significant terror attacks he was involved in includes a shooting attack on April 2023 in Jerusalem, which wounded two Israeli civilians.

Zahed took part in the hostile terror activity in the Balata Camp and founded a terrorist cell composed of the camp's youth, which he armed with explosives and weapons for terror activities against IDF soldiers entering the camp.

In the past, he carried out shooting attacks against IDF soldiers, sent terrorists to carry out terror attacks, and rallied the camp against IDF forces. In addition, Zahed received weapons and funds to further terror attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers and began to produce explosives for the battalion.

In addition, during the joint IDF, ISA, and Israel Border Police activity in the Balata Camp, the forces dismantled an explosives production facility in the area with a number of ready-to-use explosive devices. Furthermore, an engineering vehicle exposed explosive devices that were concealed underneath and on the sides of the road aimed to harm the forces. During the activity, terrorists fired at the forces, who responded with live fire. No IDF injuries were reported.

"The IDF and ISA will continue to operate to eliminate threats and target operatives involved in terror attacks against Israel," the two security bodies promised in a statement.