The Marciano family
The Marciano familyAdar Eyal

Adi Marciano, the mother of Corporal Noa Marciano, an IDF soldier who died in Hamas captivity after being kidnapped on October 7, spoke today (Thursday) for the first time since her daughter's death was confirmed.

"I am here to tell you, the families of the hostages, that we are with you in the struggle of our lives to bring all of them back home. When I complete the shiva (week of mourning after a close relative dies), I will return to Tel Aviv and be with you," Marciano said in a statement outside her home.

"And to you, the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, we pray for your safety and are certain that you are doing everything to return Noa and all of the hostages. We will give you all of our strength to continue this sacred mission," she said.

"Since that terrible day, we, the families of the hostages, have become one united and powerful family. Noa is still in Gaza, and we, the family of the hostages, say to the nation's leaders: We were abandoned on that black Shabbat, we were abandoned a second time when we were given the worst news of all. We will not, will not allow ourselves to be abandoned a third time. We demand that you meet with us.

She demanded the return of her daughter's body along with the other hostages and told the government: "You are responsible for figuring out how to do it and with whom to talk to in order to complete the task. Bring back Noa and everyone else, all the hostages and the missing - now."

“I do not have a grave for Noa, there was no funeral,” the bereaved mother said.

Noa Marciano, a 19-year-old IDF lookout, was one of about 240 people were were abducted on October 7. On Monday, Hamas published a video of her as part of its psychological warfare efforts against Israeli society.

Following the publication of the Hamas video, the IDF confirmed that Noa died while in Hamas custody.