IDF soldiers operating in Gaza
IDF soldiers operating in GazaIDF Spokesperson's Unit

More than a month after Hamas launched a horrific attack on Israel, most voters blame the terrorist group for the war in the Gaza Strip and continue to side with the Israelis over the Palestinian Arabs, according to a Fox News poll released on Wednesday.

On the war, 66% of voters side with the Israelis, while 22% support the Palestinian Arabs. That is about where sentiment was when the war started in October (68% vs. 18%).

Voters under age 30 (40% Israel, 47% Palestinian Arabs) and those who self-identified as very liberal (37%, 43%) are the only groups with a majority that doesn’t support the Jewish state, the poll found.

Despite more overall siding with Israelis, 30% think the US is too supportive of them, while 21% say not supportive enough. The largest share, nearly half, thinks the level of US backing is about right (45%).

Democrats drive the "too supportive" sentiment. Fewer Republicans and conservatives feel that way.

Seven in 10 (69%) blame Hamas for the war in the Gaza Strip, while 20% say Israel is at fault, the poll found.

The poll also asked voters how they would feel about limiting the free speech of those rallying in support of Hamas at campuses across the US.

60 percent said they wouldn’t like limiting such speech, while 36% would feel comfortable doing so. More Republicans (42%) would be okay with restricting free speech on the matter than Democrats (31%) or independents (33%).

When it comes to providing financial aid to the Israeli government for its military, 60% are in favor. Nearly 4 in 10 (37%) oppose aid for Israel's military.

However, voters also want to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinian Arabs in Gaza: 65% in favor vs. 31% opposed.

Democrats are more likely to favor the US sending aid to Palestinian Arabs (80%) than they are to the Israeli government (57%), while it is the opposite for Republicans (50% Palestinians, 67% Israelis).