IDF ground troops are currently carrying out a precise and targeted operation against Hamas in a specified area in the al-Shifa Hospital. The activity in this specified area is based on operational necessities, as well as intelligence information that indicates Hamas terrorist activity is being directed from the area.

Before entering the hospital, IDF forces encountered explosives and terrorist squads and a fight ensued in which multiple terrorists were eliminated. At least five terrorists were killed.

In addition, weapons were found in the hospital.

IDF troops have also delivered medical supplies to the hospital, including baby food and incubators for newborns. IDF soldiers who speak Arabic and IDF medical teams are working to ensure that the supplies reach those who need them.

According to the security authorities, there is no indication that any of the hostages are in the hospital. The security authorities claim that there is no friction with either the patients or the medical staff in the hospital, and that the attack did not damage the hospital's electrical grid or communications equipment.

The Qatari publication Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reports that the IDF has begun concentrating all occupants of the hospital in a single courtyard for evacuation, and has brought electronic gates and facial recognition cameras to the area to screen all those being evacuated.

Prior to their entry, the IDF troops encountered explosive devices and terrorist cells, and an engagement began in which terrorists were killed.

In addition, yesterday, IDF ground troops located a Hamas training camp containing terror tunnel shafts, classrooms, intelligence material, and dozens of different types of weapons - including rockets and loaded RPGs.

Furthermore, an IDF UAV identified a terrorist cell that exited a building with an anti-tank missile launching post in the northern Gaza Strip. The terrorists were carrying suspected IEDs, which they planted in the area. The UAV monitored the terrorists, and struck two of them.