Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal visits Tehran
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal visits TehranReuters

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani rejected the American claims that Iran guides the Islamic "resistance organizations" in the region.

During his weekly press conference, Kanaani said that the continuation of US support for “Zionist crimes” and its opposition to a ceasefire may lead to the expansion of the war to additional fronts.

The US, he said, must understand that what will prevent the expansion of the war or the entry of additional elements into the war is an immediate cessation of "the massacres and the war against the residents of Gaza, the lifting of the humanitarian blockade from Gaza and the immediate withdrawal of the Zionist forces from the area".

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the only solution that Iran advocates is the establishment of one unified Palestinian state from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, and holding a referendum in which the real Palestinian residents in “Palestine” and abroad will participate.

Kanaani denied the claims that Iran was behind the attacks by the Shiite militias against US bases in Syria, saying that they were acting independently.