Chinese surveillance
Chinese surveillanceiSTOCK

A haredi man who frequently visits China for business reasons told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News that he received strange calls from the authorities after taking a stance regarding the war against Hamas online.

"I always knew the Chinese keep close tabs on foreign visitors, but I had not imagined that it was to this extent," he said.

The incident occurred approximately three weeks ago after what was determined to be a failed rocket attack by Islamic Jihad struck the Shifaa Hospital in the Gaza Strip and sparked a wave of international controversy.

At the time, the Palestinian narrative began to be accepted throughout the world, according to which Israel had launched the rocket. This was later disproved.

The man explained the background of his ordeal: "As I traveled between cities in China, I was chatting with one of my local workers about the war. I denounced Hamas thoroughly and expressed my opinion on how I think the local government should act. It is no secret that China has chosen a side in this war, and not necessarily that of Israel. I claimed that the Chinese leadership should act differently, but in no way directed harsh criticism towards the government."

Chinese authorities seem to have been aware of the conversation. "Approximately half a day later I received a call from the authorities, 'taking interest' in when I was planning to leave the city and the country. They asked when my flight was, when I would depart, and where my destination would be. My destination, of course, was Israel."

"This was not the last call I got from them before returning to Israel. I felt pressured, to put it mildly, which shows how much the 'Big Brother' in China can control the populace."