The war in Israel continues and will likely continue for quite some time.

Since October 7, the Binyamin Regional Council has been operating in emergency mode 24/7.

All the councils security personnel have been deployed in the area and are protecting our residents against attacks by Arabs in the area.

In the past week alone, memebrs of our security department, together with Israeli soldiers, thwarted several attacks and killed a total of 10 terrorists who came to harm our residesnts.

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The communities in Binyamin are surrounded by hostile Arab villages and there is a great fear that they will join the Hamas camaign against Israel and attack our Yishuvim.

We are currently preparing for the possibility of the war to expand into our region as well.
All of our communities are on high alert and preparing for any scenario.

We urgently need to prepare public bomb shelters for extended stays as well as additional security measures in the communities to ensure the safety of all our residents.

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We currently have a lack of emergency equipment that the state can not currently provide us with and we need help.

Our goal is to keep the residents of Binyamin safe and below is a list of equipment we need to do so.

As you can see on the attached list, there is a large amount of equipment needed.

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According to the requirements from the field, the following equipment is needed:

  • Helmets
  • cartridges
  • uniform
  • walkie talkies
  • Identification hats
  • vests
  • Ceramic vests
  • Belts for cartridges
  • Knee pads
  • Cherry lights / flashing lights
  • Night vision equipment
  • Thermal clothing
  • drones
  • raincoats
  • Protected patrol vehicles

I would greatly appreciate if you can join in our efforts to maximize the security in our communities.

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Am israel Chai!

Binyamin Security

Binyamin Region