Giulio Meotti
Giulio Meottiצילום: עצמי
"Diversity" is the beach where old European whales go to die.

A Minister of the Family begins to criticize the "sexist and racist" fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, explaining that she reads the "correct" versions of children's stories to her daughter. This continues at a university that cancels the name of Kaiser Wilhelm, then the Foreign Ministry that changes the name of the Bismarck Hall, the city of Cologne that eliminates the cathedral from its logo, the State Ballet that cancels "The Nutcracker" and a school that after 600 years abandons Christmas celebrations to adopt "a sensitive approach".

The moment you adopt political correctness you begin the journey of no return to the beach of the old whales.

Now a kindergarten in north-east Germany named after Anne Frank, the most famous victim of the Holocaust, will be renamed, again so as not to "irritate Muslims", which seems to have become Europe's main obsession.

For 53 years, the kindergarten in the charming town of Tangerhütte has borne the name of the Jewish girl, but the Muslim parents have launched a petition to change it. Employees also take issue with the name, saying something more “child-friendly” is needed and is “better suited to their concept.” Apparently, Anne Frank is no longer in line with the “new focus on diversity.”

The director of the kindergarten said that migrant children have difficulty understanding the Franks' story. In fact, after Hamas having massacred so many Israeli children as never before since the Shoah, what sense would it make to keep that name? Mayor Andreas Brohm – most likely referring to the war between Israel and Hamas and the resulting pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrations across Western Europe – said that many parents' desire to rename the nursery outweighs the global political situation. “Tangerhütte, with its educational institutions and all its civic engagement, represents an open-minded Germany,” the mayor said.

The kindergarten will be called “Explorers of the World”.

A pioneer asylum, given that within thirty years in Germany, according to the prestigious Pew Forum, there will be 17 million Muslims and Anne Frank is destined to change her surname to Akbar anyway.

But how did we come to erase the Jewish girl from Frankfurt who hid in Amsterdam while the "new Germans” attack the Jews?

By unashamedly transforming the Palestinian Arabs into the new Jews, and Israel into the new Nazis.

A guide from the Anne Frank Center in Berlin compared Anne to the Palestinian Arabs. The executioners have become victims and the victims of the executioners. Masterstroke, Doktor Goebbels!

“What strikes me most is the globalization of hatred” says Alain Finkielkraut. “In France there are the Stars of David and these young people who allow themselves to proclaim their hatred against the Jews in the subway. But there is also an attempted pogrom in Dagestan, pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrations in Sydney, London, Tunis, Istanbul. The entire planet is gripped by a sort of murderous passion. What is worrying is the emerging alliance between Islamic Judeophobia and Wokism."

But now Berlin is the new Beirut, which as the "world book capital" designated by UNESCO was wise in deciding that Anne Frank's Diary could only be read in French (for Christians) or in English, but not in Farsi or in Arabic.

An image of Anne Frank with the Palestinian Arab keffiyeh is now widespread in every square in Europe. Among the cartoons awarded by the Iranian regime, one shows Anne Frank in bed with Hitler, who tells her: "Write this in your diary."

Islamic regimes are the moral scum of humanity and those who are with them are doubly scum.

But here we come to this crazy 2023: Muslim migrants unleash pf the hunt for Jews in Europe, while their tutors in the Middle East try to do away with the Jewish state by massacring 1,400 women, old people and children, and in the name of "diversity ” Anne Frank becomes an Islamic child, with migrants attacking those wearing Jewish signs throughout Europe.

At this rate we will come to say that "Jesus is the first Muslim". After all, isn't the head of the Muslim World League called Mohammed Al-Issa?

“I do not want to live in a country whose chancellor brings millions of anti-Semitic Muslims who attack Jews and Jewish institutions in Germany,” wrote the president of the Jewish community of Brandenburg, Semen Gorelick. “I will not live in a country where, as a Jew, I have to hide everywhere at all times.”

Anne Frank had to hide, didn't she? Let the Jews do the same!

But this is the "logic" of the new multicultural Nazism and of the Tangerhütte asylum: out with the Jews, in with the Muslims.

Karl Lagerfeld said: "We cannot kill millions of Jews and bring millions of their worst enemies here." That's why he was lynched. Because he was right. And those who tell the truth are always lynched. .

What a sad and squalid cultural suicide we have ended up in. I have a suggestion for the new name of the kindergarten: “Explorers from the river to the sea”.