Ganz and Congressman Barr
Ganz and Congressman BarrBinyamin Regional Council

US Congressman Andy Barr, during a vid‏eo conference call with Binyamin Regional Council Governor Israel Ganz on Thursday, said that no agreement for a ceasefire should be made until the return of all the hostages. The Congressman also noted that Americans are exposed to misinformation about the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Congressman Andy Barr is the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy and one of the most prominent Congressmen to express support for Israel since the beginning of the war on 7 October.

Barr shared with Ganz and the director of the Binyamin Region International Desk that many Congressmen are pressuring the US State Department not to call for a ceasefire until the return of all the hostages, making it clear that “if there were a ceasefire, Hamas would use it to resupply itself and attack again. We cannot relent; we have to give Israel the time and space to defend itself, root out these terrorists, and release the hostages.”

Congressman Barr received a survey of the current situation in Judea and Samaria from International Desk Director Eliana Passentin, with a focus on the lie regarding “settler violence.” “We were contacted by several American newspapers, and all they ask about is settler violence. There is no such thing. There is violence against settlers. We are doing nothing besides protecting ourselves, and it is so important that you take our message to the president and the people.”

Barr thanked Passentin for this clarification, saying, “The American people need to hear that because they don’t in the mainstream media. A lot of the young people are exposed to propaganda and misinformation.”

Further in the conversation, Ganz presented Barr with a survey of the preparedness of the Binyamin Region for this war, including the allocation of new weapons and security equipment via the Israel Defense Forces. Now, Binyamin communities are ready for any scenario. Ganz also explained the situation throughout Judea and Samaria during this war. “Hamas is in our backyard. The world is talking about Palestinians, as opposed to Hamas, but they are the same thing. Palestinians here are pro-Hamas. They are openly marching with flags. The interior minister of the PA stood at a protest in Ramallah, near my home, and called to attack the communities now and kill the Jews.”

Ganz reiterated that it is impossible to talk with them about peace and coexistence, that Hamas does not want Israel to exist at all, and the world has to internalize this, that it is our obligation as Jews in the State of Israel to take action against whoever threatens us, including the Iranian regime.

At the end of the conversation, the governor thanked the Congressman for his support for Israel. “We want to thank the Biden Administration and you for standing clearly together with us. It is important for the world to understand that it doesn’t matter where they will attack, the good side, the West, will stand together and fight for our future. We need time, we need your support, and we will win this war.”

Other participants in the conversation were Binyamin Region Advisor on US Affairs Ruthie Lieberman and Sarah Paley, one of the founders of the Yes Israel Project.