Chris Christie
Chris ChristieREUTERS/Dominick Reuter

Former New Jersey Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie will visit Israel on Sunday, CNN reported on Thursday.

Christie, who has made US leadership on the world stage a focal point of his campaign, will meet with Israeli officials and is also scheduled to visit the towns near the Gaza border.

He will also visit with individuals wounded in the Hamas attacks, as well as families of abducted civilians, according to details of the trip.

Christie took part in Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate in Miami, where all five candidates who participated expressed support for Israel.

"The first thing I would say to Prime Minister Netanyahu is pretty simple: America is here no matter what it is you need at any time to preserve the state of Israel," he said.

Christie urged Israel to protect both its territorial integrity and the safety of its civilians and to ensure that “Hamas can never do this again” and also said that the US needs to work closely with Israel to improve intelligence-gathering in the region.

He encouraged Israeli leaders to “keep your eye on the ball,” in terms of working with “reasonable” Arab nations and isolating Iran in the Middle East.

This will not be Christie’s first time in Israel. He previously visited the country in 2012 in his first foreign trip is governor.