Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked spoke to Israel National News - Arutz Sheva about her visit to the communities of southern Israel which were devastated by the Hamas massacre on October 7.

"I am here near Be'eri. I was in Kfar Aza, and on my way to Nir Oz I saw of course the burned houses and some signs of the atrocities that those monsters did," Shaked said.

"I also talked to one of the ZAKA members. He's a guy who's working here today and has been working since the black Saturday, who told us about what he saw. I don't want to repeat it. I',m sure most of the people already heard about the slaughtered babies, about the pregnant woman that they slit open her belly and stabbed the baby, burned families. And of course, when you enter the houses and you smell it, and you see the sign of the bullets, it's a shock," she said.

The former minister is currently involved in construction and one of the purposes of her visit was to promise to rebuild the communities which were subject to so much destruction on October 7.

"We believe that the State should rebuild the houses again, and very soon," she said, adding that the residents should be allowed to rebuild very quickly.

Shaked said that much of the world is forgetting what "those Nazi monsters" did a month ago and are now focused on the images coming out of Gaza. "It's our job to remind them why we are fighting and to remind them that it is not only Israel's fight."

"We fight for humanity, for the Western world. Today it's Israel, tomorrow it's the US. So I think we are fighting for humanity," Shaked concluded.