Funeral for Rose Ida Lubin
Funeral for Rose Ida LubinMeir Pavlovsky


Dental appointments, mammograms, and medical pedicures fall into the same category. All three are painful! I can’t deal with any of them without swallowing painkillers in advance. Pedicures and dental care have me swallowing anti-biotics as they are a prophylactic against infection. If I sound like a hypochondriac, I’m not. I hold a low threshold of pain, and I’m high-level risk for infection.

I had an appointment this week with Maria, my pedicurist. She runs her life-saving business in Center One. I suppose one could ask, how can a pedicurist be a life saver? If one cannot wear shoes, and cannot walk, a pedicurist can restore functional ability to walk again in a pair of shoes. But despite three Acamols, I still cry ouch during the process.

I bused home from Center One in Jerusalem to Bet Shemesh, listening to the round-the-clock news broadcast directly into my ears from my phone, via Bluetooth. I’m something of a news junkie, especially these days when I’m not particularly useful to the war effort. Making sandwiches with 100 other women is not my idea of therapy for an aging senior. So, I keep busy Whats App’ing back and forth to family and friends, and in between news broadcasts, I attend lectures online, I pray, and contribute funds to charitable organizations who fill social needs, performing acts of kindness, the kind I am no longer able to participate in.

The news on the bus home alluded to Sgt. Elisheva Rose Ida Lubin Hy"d from Atlanta, a 20 year old lone soldier who served in the IDF border patrol and who was tragically stabbed to death in the Old City of Jerusalem by a 16-year-old Arab terrorist.

Her family in Atlanta flew in to accompany her to her final resting place on Har Herzl in Jerusalem today, Thursday. The public has been asked to attend her funeral. Rose deserves the honor and respect for her brave service. A sizable turnout will also be uplifting to her parents, and give further meaning to their daughter’s short life, as they realize that this is the Am Yisrael that Rose loved, and felt honored to protect.

Lubin gravesite
Lubin gravesiteMeir Pavlovsky

Mourners who participate in the funerals of lone soldiers can be compared to the chevra kaddisha, or Zaka who perform chessed shel emet, total acts of kindness, acts for which the providers can never be thanked or acknowledged by the recipients. While I can no longer participate directly in chesed shel emet, I can pray for Rose’s family to find comfort among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Acamol can relieve the superficial pain of headache, and simple procedures, but doesn’t reduce the deep pain of the loss of another beautiful young soul, murdered while protecting the people of Israel. I’ve attended too many funerals of soldiers tragically killed in wars, on duty, or otherwise. I’ve walked behind trucks and cars carrying the remains of holy souls. There aren’t any painkillers on the market to cover this kind of pain.

Rose Ida Lubin's friends at funeral
Rose Ida Lubin's friends at funeralMei Pavlovsky