IDF strikes back in Gaza
IDF strikes back in GazaIDF spokesperson

09/27/2023: Iran reportedly launched a “Noor-3 observatory imaging satellite” into the same orbit as its prior 2022 “Noor-2 satellite.” Did this provide Israeli military movement intelligence to facilitate I.R.G.C. land operations from 280 miles in space” A coincidence or an obligatory precedent?

10/07/23: A seemingly unanticipated, multipronged violent +attack is thrust upon Israel by a Hamas-Gaza force allegedly Iran trained and purported to include a component of Palestinian Arabs; intent to instill terror on Israeli and multinational civilians, while shedding Jewish blood and taking hostages to eventually force leverage on Israel and America.

10/13/2023: Reported: Hamas calls for global Jihad, invasion of Israel, attack Jews worldwide.

While it’s an understood moral imperative to oppose all the acts of vicious inhumanity wherever found, it’s now a particular priority for Jews and others of moral conscience, to stand together against the 10/07/2023 corps of Hamas-Palestinian Arab affiliated terrorists. These villains felt no remorse as they indiscriminately murdered and maimed defenseless Israeli, American, and other nationals; men, women, children, babies, young, old, mentally and physically handicapped. Many victims suffered torture, rape and other purposely demeaning and bestial actions at the hands of Hamas and its affiliates. Some 225 are still being held as bargaining-chip captives. For far too long, these unscrupulous villains and others of their terorist ilk have been given a pass.

Hamas on 10/07/2023 demonstrated core evil with their gang rapes of young girls; decapitating babies; and publicly recording executions of helpless elderly men/women, and frightened children, burning the evidence of the atrocities committed. Parents were butchered with Hamas knives and their bodies riddled with Hamas bullets before their children’s young eyes.

Its enumerated actions epitomized nothing less than public demonstrations of fundamental ethnic cleansing, apartheid and openly genocidal tactics.

The events of 10/07/2023 bring to mind the numerous pogroms that haunted Jews throughout the centuries and eventually led to the Nazi “Final Solution” that resulted in the criminal murder of 1 ½ million Jewish babies and children and 4 ½ million Jewish adults; while it was well on its way to annihilate European Jews. The above almost robbed us of our Jewish presence in Europe.The Nazis hoped to continue murdering Jews all over the world and almost succeeded in reaching the Land of Israel where the Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler had already planned the site of proposed death camps.

If one learned nothing else from the Holocaust; its gradually escalating stages of evil were not met with public outrage and effective public opposition. Instead, the rage that should have been deafening early on, melted into disbelief; leaving only a hope that outsiders would intervene on our behalf. At the end of the day, no one spoke up for Jews and we were left too weak and unprepared to fight back.

Today’s Iran and its proxies, particularly Hamas; meanwhile affirm their intent to first eliminate Israel before fulfilling their ultimate destiny of exterminating Jews. Their tenets appear to subscribe to the earlier Nazi Propaganda playbook on too many levels to be coincidental. Its staging plan appears to include the fabrication of huge lies, repeated over and over; while contriving a believable enemy (Israel/Jews) upon which to focus hate. Soon the lies and history revisions to follow would gain a semblance of credibility to set the stage for recruiting others to help with their diabolic schemes.

Understandably, 10/07/2023 propelled Prime Minister Netanyahu and our mixed multitudes within Israel to militarily unite to challenge today’s existential threat playing out within our tiny historic refuge.

We fully understand that we do not fight alone, as we keep in mind the perpetual Passover warning lest we, Jews, ever become too placid; that the current threat we face now will likely not be the last attempt to obliterate us.

But for now the world knows that Jews did not stand idly by, nor remain silent in the face of the bloodshed being endured by our Jewish brothers and sisters, within our historic homeland.

Meanwhile, the threat of a long-term regional war lingers in the shadows; and the once hoped for two-state Middle-East peace solution appears to have receded. That is, unless America and other civilized nations stay the course with Israel and in a timely, not open-ended manner, declare a coordinated rebuilding of Gaza to benefit its arab residents, to at long last lift them from Hamas-imposed poverty, elevate their self-esteem and prepare them to coexist with theJews in both word and deed; for the rest of the world to emulate.

This can be attempted upon achieving the multinationally agreed upon goals of a timely end of Hamas and the safe return of the hostages taken by Hamas under the suspected direction of Iran, which eventually must answer for its part it in the events of 10/07/2023.

Bruce Portnoy, is a writer and journalist contributor to Israel National News/Arutz Sheva; Jerusalem Post/Report, and author of the Geo-political thriller, First, the ‘Saturday People’, and then the…