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Uri Les, principal of municipal high school D in Tel Aviv, wrote a letter to the parents after three of his students arrived at the school wrapped in Israeli flags and claimed that this was a nationalist and offensive message.

"I had a 45-minute conversation with three students today," Les wrote to parents. "All three of them chose to come to school wrapped in the Israeli flag and the conversation revolved around that."

He also wrote: "The conversation was fundamentally ethical, and I did not intend to deal with what was 'permissible or forbidden' or with discipline. From the beginning, I made it clear to the students that I had no intention of preventing them from walking around wrapped in the flag, and at the same time I said that wrapping in the flag might be considered by some to convey a nationalist and offensive message.”

One of the students reported to the Walla news site that the principal said that there are students who object to being wrapped in the flag: "He specifically said that he objects to the compulsory conscription law and to the flag, and that's why he neither supports nor opposes it, probably because he can't. He added that if there was a large number of students who come to school wrapped in Israeli flags, he would end this immediately.”

"From now on everyone comes to school wrapped in Israeli flags not only as a protest against Uri, but to support and be proud of the flag and not to validate anyone who supports terrorism. Starting from Thursday everyone is asked to come to school wrapped in Israeli flags.”

The Ministry of Education responded to the report: "The issue is being thoroughly examined by the district and the school. The ministry's policy is to encourage the display and waving of the national flag, all the more so in times of war.”