Eli Cohen with Jack Lew
Eli Cohen with Jack LewForeign Ministry spokesperson

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen on Tuesday held a meeting, for the first time, with US Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew.

During the meeting, the two spoke about the efforts to free all of the hostages currently being held in Gaza, as well as preserve the peace agreements and fight the branches of Iranian terror, and the Iranian terror regime in Tehran.

Cohen said, "We will not stop and we will not rest until every single one of the hostages returns healthy and whole to their families. The release of all the hostages being held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza is a top priority nationally, alongside the elimination of Hamas' rule in Gaza."

"I congratulated my friend, US Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew, as he takes his position. I told him that Israel does not have a more important ally or a closer friend than the US.

"The solidarity and unequivocal US support moves many in Israel and strengthens us in the fight against the Hamas terror group."

On Tuesday morning, Cohen met Lew at the Foreign Ministry. The two spoke about the war against Hamas and the US support for Israel since the start of the war.

They also spoke about regional issues, including the preservation of the peace agreements and fighting the terror organizations which fund, operate, and arm the Iranian terror regime.