Simcha Rothman
Simcha RothmanYoav Dudkevitz / TPS

MK Simcha Rothman's office in recent days has received dozens of applications from reservists who left their work abroad to join their friends in Israel and fight shoulder-to-shoulder together for their homeland.

Following these requests, Rothman contacted the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) with a request to receive information on how the reserve duty payments are paid to Israeli citizens employed abroad who came to serve in the reserves and take part in the war.

Rothman also asked to know how the payment will be transferred to them.

"I thank the acting Director General of the National Insurance Institute for his announcement that he is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense to find an orderly outline that will ensure that your livelihood will not be affected," Rothman said in a statement to the reservists.

He added, "The reserve duty soldiers deserve every possible recognition, and we will continue to work for them everywhere in the world."