The scene of the accident
The scene of the accidentIsrael Fire and Rescue

It has been cleared for publication that Efraim Bauer (32) and his 3-year-old son Yosef were killed on Sunday in a severe car accident between two vehicles on Route 505 between Akraba and Migdalim in Samaria.

MDA crews arrived at the scene and evacuated four injured individuals, including a five-year-old girl in severe condition with head trauma, a girl approximately eight years of age in moderate condition with head and limb trauma, and two additional individuals in light condition.

MDA paramedic Neriya Tekoa and MDA EMT Shahar Elioli recounted: "It was a severe accident between two private vehicles. The driver was trapped in the car and was rescued by firefighters. In addition, next to him, a boy of about three was found, the two were unconscious, had no pulse, were not breathing, and were suffering from multi-system injuries, and we had no choice but to declare them dead at the scene.

In addition, we administered medical care to four injured individuals. A girl, about five years of age, suffered from severe head trauma and was taken by IDF medical teams to the hospital in severe condition, an eight-year-old girl who suffered head and limb trauma was taken in moderate condition to the hospital and two additional individuals in light condition," they added.

Israel Fire and Rescue shift commander Battalion Chief Ofir Levy: "Upon arriving at the scene of the crash on Route 505, we found a severe scene, with two private vehicles several hundred meters apart from each other with signs of severe impact."

He noted: "While assessing the situation, it was found that in one of the cars, there were two victims trapped, a boy and a man next to him. In addition, a five-year-old girl was severely wounded, and a man was in moderate condition.

We immediately began rescue activities, which are continuing to this moment due to the force of the impact and the complexity of the rescue."