rocket launching site in amusement park
rocket launching site in amusement parkIDF Spokesperson

The IDF continues to expose the exploitation of the civilian population of Gaza by the Hamas terrorist organization.

During the ongoing combat operations in the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers located rocket launchers in playgrounds, near a children's pool and in an old amusement park.

"During fighting in the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers are exposing how the Hamas terror organization systematically uses civilian facilities for its terror activity. IDF soldiers located rocket launchers near a children's swimming pool, as well as launch pits and rocket launchers in an old children’s playground in the Gaza Strip. This is further proof of Hamas’ deliberate use of civilian infrastructure and civilians - including children - as human shields for its military operations," the IDF Spokesperson stated.

Hamas has demanded that civilians in northern Gaza remain where they are in response to the IDF's warnings and calls for them to evacuate to southern Gaza to escape the fighting. The demand that the civilians remain where they are is part of the terrorist organization's policy of using human shields in an attempt to deter Israeli strikes against its fighters, leaders, and weapons and to maximize the number of civilian casualties when the IDF strikes legitimate military targets in order to induce global condemnation of Israel's attempts to defend its citizens.

Last week, Hamas terrorists were accused of shooting and killing dozens of civilians, including many women and children, who were attempting to flee to southern Gaza. Author and journalist Amjad Taha wrote that many of the victims were carrying white flags and that "they do not want civilians to leave; they want to use them as human shields and kill anyone who attempts to leave. Hamas terrorists in Gaza will, as usual, blame Israel because it is easy and there is media that accepts this propaganda."

The IDF revealed on Saturday that 200 Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre in Israel escaped into Gaza and are hiding in Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Hamas has built a command center underneath Shifa Hospital.

Overnight, IDF troops directed aircraft to strike a Hamas military compound containing command and control centers, observation posts, and additional terrorist infrastructure.

During the combined activities of ground, air, and naval forces in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the war, over 2,500 terror targets have been struck.