Duvi Honig addressing HomeLand Security Event
Duvi Honig addressing HomeLand Security EventOrthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce
The hate directed towards the Jewish people in today’s times after 1400 Jews were slaughterer in cold blood reflects centuries of Jewish persecution and the inner hate of nations around the world against the Jews. For thousands of years, Jewish blood has been spilled as if it were water, with each country justifying their disdain and the reasons for wanting to extinguish the Jewish population. It is a phenomenon that has persisted over the centuries and the thirst for Jewish blood continues to exist even today.
The seeds of this hatred were identified by the Jewish sages who prophesied around 2000 years ago that the nations of the world would harbor a deep-seated animosity towards the Jews. Rashi identifies is as though a law has been passed to hate and eliminate Jews, known in Jewish law as Halakha. And sure enough, we find evidence of this in the horrific events of the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust, where not only Jews but also converted Jews were equally targeted and eliminated by the nations of the world.
Sadly, there have always been Jews in each generation who believe that if they intermarry or distance themselves from Judaism, they will be protected and safe from the threats of those seeking to spill Jewish blood. However, history has proven time and again that this is a fallacy. Jews from all walks of life, whether orthodox, conservative, or reform, have always been hated simply because they are Jewish.
The reason behind this deep-rooted hatred lies in the profound spiritual significance of each Jewish soul. According to the Jewish belief, every Jewish person carries a piece of God within them, making them inherently special and chosen. It is this divine spark within us that elicits jealousy and hatred from others. The Jewish nation has been selected by God as his chosen people, his princes and princesses, which begs the question - how can one not be envious?
It is high time for all Jews to awaken from their slumber and be proud of their heritage. The proof of our chosen status is evident throughout history. For thousands of years, nations have attempted to destroy us, leaving behind a trail of spilled Jewish blood. And yet, we have survived and thrived, against all odds, with the divine protection of God constantly by our side. We are his children, his chosen nation, and all other nations are consumed by jealousy and hatred towards us.
Let us reach up our hands to heaven acknowledge, recognize and realize our true identity as the chosen nation. As we witness the world today, it is disheartening or perhaps delusionary to see that the United Nations, an organization created to protect the world from barbarism and violations of human rights, appointed Iran to head its Human Rights Council. If one chooses to place their faith in humanity, they may put their trust in the UN. However, those who have awoken to the truth will proudly embrace their Jewish heritage, knowing that practicing Judaism as commanded by the Torah is the key to our survival and our protection as a Jewish nation.
Despite the confusion and challenges faced during centuries of exile, it is time for us to stand tall and united. We must thank God for choosing us as his people and embrace our role in humanity. We should take pride in being the chosen nation, for it is a position that evokes jealousy and animosity from others. As we look back and witness the countless miracles and resilience displayed by the Jewish people throughout history, it becomes clear that we are not just another ordinary nation. We are a chosen people, and we have a responsibility to fulfill our divine purpose and we will prevail with G-D by our side.

Duvi Honig is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce