Shuki Solomon
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Right now, the world is focused on the bloody conflict between the Jewish People and the Arab world. Unfortunately, however, the Jews have their own internal divisions & prejudices. Singer and Israeli media personality Shuki Solomon wanted to do something about that.

Solomon started the ‘Ahavat Chinam’ Project, a small organization of volunteers that helps Jews in need, regardless of their background. Slowly, they took on more and more projects. They could have never known that the current war would hit, and that their work would become more important than ever.

Ahavat Chinam volunteers have been working day and night to help the people in Israel. They shopped, cooked, and delivered hot meals to soldiers on bases, and helped transport life-saving supplies. They brought groceries, clothing, and toys to displaced families from the South. They are even hoping to make a Bar Mitzvah for a boy who fled his home for his life on October 7th.

This is just one of many stunning displays of unity amongst the Jewish People that have taken place this month. If you want to join Shuki and the volunteers in helping those in need in Israel, you can learn more here.

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