ZAKA in action
ZAKA in actionPhoto: ZAKA

Click here to help ZAKA purchase a new truck

Three weeks have passed since the October 7th massacre, and ZAKA volunteers are still working from morning until night to honor the remains of those who have passed.

From early in the morning until late at night, the volunteers pull bodies out of ruins, and prepare them for burial. This has been extremely exhausting work, with one head volunteer reportedly collapsing from exhaustion.

One missing essential piece of equipment is keeping ZAKA volunteers from being able to do their work: A new refrigerated truck. At this time, the trucks they have available are not enough to transport the amount of bodies being found.

One ZAKA truck costs a hefty $150,000. Jews from around the world have already begun to join the effort to help volunteers purchase a new truck. These donors are partners in the mitzvah of Jewish burial, and honoring those who passed so tragically.

Click here to help ZAKA purchase a new truck