Health Minister Uriel Bosso
Health Minister Uriel BossoDanny Shem Tov, Knesset Spokesoffice

Health Minister Uriel Bosso (Shas) claims that the rescue organizations should merge under the official state bodies.

"Their recognition should be significant. Possibly under the Home Front Command. The question is also to what extent they want the State to take authority over them, but there is no doubt that the State should recognize these bodies and run them under official auspices," he said in an interview with Radio Kol Hai.

Busso also referred to the psychological damage that volunteers may suffer: "We need to sponsor all the volunteers of the rescue organizations who were witness to terrible sights and make sure that they receive significant mental support. We are initiating referrals for the potential victims. Besides money, we need to add 150 psychiatrists and 5,000 psychologists."

"The healthcare system is displaying its professionalism precisely at this difficult time. The system has taken in over 6,000 injured people so far and has faced much worse scenarios than those faced in other events," he added and noted: "I told the Prime Minister in the socioeconomic cabinet: there will be no financial diversions in the Ministry of Health.”

Regarding the reinforcement of the hospitals, Bousso said that "we are making arrangements, I hope that the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance understand the situation."