German police, Berlin (file)
German police, Berlin (file)Chen Leopold/Flash90

The Berlin police issued an apology this evening (Tuesday) after police officers in the German capital were recorded removing posters with pictures of Israeli hostages in Gaza.

The case blew up after the police responded to a request from Bild and Channel 12 News reporter, Antonia Yamin that "the posters were removed because they were hung illegally."

Many in Berlin were furious with the police and wondered if the police did not have anything more urgent to do when there are threats from antisemites against Jews around the country.

The police later wrote: "Regardless of the fact that the legal evaluation of the posters is still pending, we can understand that the removal of the posters hurt feelings, especially of relatives and friends of the hostages, as well as members of the Israeli/Jewish community. This affects us greatly and we regret it."