MK Dan Illouz (Likud) does not believe that there should be any comparison made between Israel and Hamas in the war which was sparked by an October 7 attack on Israel.

In the attack, 2,900 Gazans crossed into Israel - 1,500 of them armed Hamas terrorists, and 1,400 Gazan civilians. These terrorists murdered, beheaded, kidnapped, raped, burned, and tortured Israeli civilians. Currently, over 230 Israelis are confirmed captive in Gaza; the death toll from October 7 itself stands at 1,400.

Speaking with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva, Illouz said, "Israel is completely united right now in our goal to completely eradicate Hamas."

He added, "The whole question about what happened, what didn't happen, what should have happened - all that is in the past, it doesn't' mean that we don't need to check it, we will check it, we will check it very deeply, but we're leaving all of those things for after the war, after we finish our main mission right now, which is to completely eradicate Hamas."

When asked about the possibility of a prisoner swap, Illouz said, "Our hearts are with the families." He also noted that Hamas is holding infants and elderly people who do not have their medications.

"I want to say: We need to be very careful when we're talking about deals with Hamas, we've seen in the past that such deals have only enhanced Hamas' ability to do horrible terrorist actions, including the October 7 massacre, so we need to be careful, but it is one of the goals of our war right now, to bring back the hostages, and we will do everything that is needed, militarily and otherwise, in order to get them back home."

"There are no two sides in this conflict which can be comparable," Illous stressed. "Sometimes in history there's a good side and a bad side, and that's exactly what we're seeing right now."

"When the Nazis and the free world were fighting each other, no one tried to find a middle ground between the Nazis and the free world. It was very clear that the Nazis are evil and that the free world is good. When ISIS and the Western world were fighting each other it was very clear, ISIS is evil and the Western world is good. We have Hamas which burns babies alive, which abducts Ellery without their medication, which rapes women and flings them around = that's the evil side. Israel, a liberal democracy which does everything it can in order to save civilians on both sides - that's the good side.

"We have to be very very clear: Anyone who tries to find a middle side in the name of some political correctness or whatever it is, is really morally bankrupt. And we have to go, with all the power that we have against them."

Illouz also stressed that he wants to "make one message very clear: I do not trust the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority has incited to terror, it pays salaries to terrorists...they name roads after terrorists, they educate to hate in their school system, and therefore I do not trust them, I do not believe they are part of the solution, they're only part of the problem, and so I don't believe that they should be the ones taking over Gaza."