Stand together: Safeguarding IDF Soldiers in Gaza with Spiritual Aid
Stand together: Safeguarding IDF Soldiers in Gaza with Spiritual AidV’shamru

Do you want to protect the soldiers of the IDF? Do you want everyone to return to their homes in peace after the victory over Hamas? Along with the physical protection offers by the IDF and their appropriate equipment, the spiritual protection is even more important. The organization ‘V’shamru, has spearheaded a project of “Tzitzit for Every Soldier” and has been arranging to get Tzitziyot to the over 300,000 soldiers in combat zones.

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‘V’shamru’, which was established after the Miron disaster, has also been distributing thousands of ‘Shabbat Kits’ to families and individuals who wish to observe Shabbat properly. These large kits include a hot plate, an urn, candlesticks, a Kiddush cup and many other technical items; everything a Jew needs to properly observe Shabbat. With the outbreak of the war, hundreds of Shabbat observance kits were already distributed to soldiers, to IDF bases, and to families who took it upon themselves to strengthen themselves in Shabbat observance.

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Since the beginning of the war, ‘V’shamru’ has also distributed over 25,000 of their “Spiritual Shield” kits. These kits include army grade tzitzit and a pocket tehillim and siddur for each soldier. The kit also includes a penny for charity, thereby turning the soldiers into shluchai mitzvah - mitzvah messengers - so harm will not befall them.

The female soldiers as well, receive ‘Spiritual Shield” kits. Their kits include the pocket siddur and tehillim as well as the shaliach mitzvah money for protection.

In the coming week, another shipment of tens of thousands of green tzitzit and spiritual protection kits will be brought to the front, which will be distributed to the soldiers at the entrance to the Gaza Strip, to offer guard and protection.

‘V’shamru' set a goal for themselves to reach and take care of each and every soldier in the IDF with spiritual protection and they call on you to be partners with them in protecting the soldiers who, with God's help, will return to their homes in peace.

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