Firefighters were called Monday morning to the scene of factory in Ashkelon's industrial zone following a direct hit by a rocket fired towards Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Israel's lowlands.

According to reports, the teams are working to extinguish the flames and disconnect energy sources, in order to prevent the fire from spreading. There were no injuries reported.

At the same time, reports said that additional rockets had fallen in the nearby city of Ashdod.

Earlier on Monday, dozens of rockets were fired towards the city of Netivot, one of them directly hit a residential building that was empty at the time.

Rocket fragments fell in two additional locations in the city. No injuries' were reported.

MDA teams that were dispatched to search the area identified two scenes of rocket strikes with no casualties. One scene was a direct hit on an empty building with destruction of property, the second scene was next to the wall of a house. In neither scene were physical casualties found.