Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Hebrew University of JerusalemDanna Philosoph

Heads of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem informed a faculty member, who claimed online that Israel is committing war crimes, that it recommends that she consider leaving her job.

In a letter sent by University President Prof. Asher Cohen and Rector Prof. Tamir Sheafer to Prof. Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, the two wrote: "We read with shock, disgust and deep disappointment the public petition you published, which claims that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. In the same petition, you also claim that Israel has been occupying Palestine for 75 years, or in other words, since the War of Independence. You have signed this terrible letter stating your academic affiliation, which is with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Accusing Israel of occupying Palestine for 75 years is practically an attempt to destroy the basis for the right of the State of Israel to exist.”

They stated that her letter includes inciting words for which she can be prosecuted and expressed regret that she is part of the university faculty. "It is unnecessary to underscore the severity and absurdity of this claim, which is not supported by the UN. We were ashamed to find that you did not include in your petition any reference to or condemnation of the heinous terrorist acts committed by Hamas. We are sorry and ashamed that the Hebrew University includes a faculty member like you."

"In light of your feelings, we believe that it is apt for you to consider leaving your position at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem," the two signed their letter.