ZAKA on the scene
ZAKA on the scenePhoto: ZAKA

In the tumultuous backdrop of an ongoing war, a striking figure emerges: 3,846. That's the number of ZAKA volunteers who have been confronting the chaos on the battlefield since the conflict's inception.

ZAKA, a renowned Israeli humanitarian organization, has always been recognized for its dedicated volunteers who ensure that every Jewish individual receives a dignified burial, known as Kavod Hameis. Today, amidst the smoke and turmoil of war, their service continues to shine as a beacon of dedication and compassion.

However, the devastating scenes these volunteers are witnessing and the myriad challenges they grapple with are profoundly affecting. Their unwavering determination stands strong, but the emotional, psychological, and physical toll is mounting.

To support these heroes, a new campaign titled "ZAKA on the Frontlines: Support the Heroes Behind the Scenes" has been launched, aiming to provide financial stability to the ZAKA families, sponsor psychological therapy for traumatized volunteers, and offer heartfelt gifts to the children and spouses of these brave souls who have been away from home for over three weeks. Click here to make a donation>>>

With ZAKA on the frontlines, acting as the guardians of dignity even in death, their role is indispensable. As the war continues, the world is called upon to recognize and support these heroes behind the scenes.

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