Justice Minister Yariv Levin
Justice Minister Yariv LevinChaim Goldberg/Flash90

Justice Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Yariv Levin was interviewed today (Sunday) by Galei Tzahal for the first time since the outbreak of the war and addressed the security situation and the massacre in the south.

"We are truly hurting by the terrible tragedy, but we are determined to achieve the goals of the war and to bring an end to Hamas and its ability to harm us," he added.

Regarding the reports claiming that Levin is suffering from depression, he replied: "These are totally false reports. I can tell you that since the war broke out, I have been working with the Ministry of Justice administration on dozens of legislative amendments that have been needed since the outbreak of the war. The ministerial committee for legislation meets almost every day, I participate in cabinet meetings, I think that the focus on these kinds of things is shameful."

“I need to work patiently; I need time. I think that things are being done in a very professional manner, with intense consideration. I think that we are working in very good harmony within the war management cabinet. I can say that I was one of those who worked to set up the emergency government. I think that this was important, and at least at this stage, the results are good."

Regarding the judicial reform, he said: "I am not dealing with the issue of the judicial reform right now. I do not believe that it is right to deal now with anything that is not related to fighting the war. By the way, I should say that during the process, we found legal concepts that I think I was right to request that they be changed.”

“I think that today we see that it is possible, for example, to change the procedures for opening fire in cases of blocked military forces, permission to shoot someone who approaches the fence. I think a lot of people have understood that we need to make these changes, and we need to put all disagreements aside in order to win the existential mission at hand."

Regarding Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's now-deleted late-night post on X, in which the Prime Minister attacked security heads of the Shin Bet and Military Intelligence, Levin said that "the Prime Minister has already corrected things, and I believe that he said them clearly. Now, we should only be dealing with things related to fighting the war. In this regard, matters are being conducted with understanding in joint work. By the way, there are differences of opinion that are not necessarily related to affiliation to any political party – I think that this dialogue is very, very important. I think that decisions have been ultimately reached with a very broad consensus."

"I think that during a war, it is desirable and correct to have a wider government. This is necessary and important. I don't want to discuss what is preventing the process because I will not sabotage the effort to expand the government."