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As the IDF roots out evil incarnate, Jewish students in America (and around the world) are under siege.

They are being targeted by Woke Progressives and by a branch of Palestinian Arabs who have infiltrated the system, one university at a time.

Collectively radicalized, they march as Hitler Youth.

Yes, I’ve been saying that in column after column. Even in books. So I am not surprised.

Nor was Diogenes surprised. He was that Greek cynic who walked with a lamp, daytime, in search of an honest person. He’s still searching.

By way of saying, that as for me, and King David, most people are inherently rotten. For King David, in his Psalms, the nations, outside of Israel, are trash.

The same for Moses. Moses was a Trump Conservative. MAGA. Make the Jewish People Great Again.

You remember, of course, when, stiff-necked as we sometimes were, G-d threatened to destroy us, and build a new nation with Moses.

Moses’s response? If you do that, destroy me, too. G-d smiled. I picked the right man.

Moses was all in for his people, the Jewish people. Abraham was more globalist. His door was open to all sides. Moses was Israel or bust. Literally.

Moses you’d find on Fox News.

Especially now that Fox News is so totally in Israel’s corner, against Hamas, and nearly everybody else.

The other networks…notice how the slime rises to the top, and so quickly. Yes, Hemingway, the slime also rises.

For maybe a day or two, when the evidence of Hamas brutality was impossible to ignore, the media sided with Israel.

In a blink they reverted to default…as here and here we predicted they would.

Now it’s whoopie for the Gazans, from all the networks, who are determined to drive home the “suffering” of those “innocent civilians.”

The same “innocent civilians” who voted for Hamas by a margin of 87 percent.

As usual, the guilt falls on the Jews, when truly all the casualties are the responsibility of Hamas.

Is there an honest person in any of their newsrooms? No. Is there an honest person anywhere in the world?

David and Moses have already spoken about this. We can’t add to it, but we can reaffirm and underscore.

When, G-d willing, and in time, the IDF take out the trash from Gaza, we will still be left with the trash emerging from college, a generation of human shields for Hamas.

They march like zombies. No heart. No soul. Jewish students are afraid to show up for class.

They thought they had classmates, friends. There must be some way to communicate.

But there is no reasoning with people who have no humanity, no conscience.

Megyn Kelly wants to know where are the Jewish groups fighting back, after what happened at Cooper Union when Jewish kids hid in the library?

They grew up soft and liberal, always ready to forgive and appease, and to assume that everybody on campus was just like them, good people.

After all, to your face they were so charming.

But the rats had taken over the ship.

Have Jews awakened?

Good people are rare.

Holocaust Survivors will tell you how quickly neighbor turns against neighbor. It can happen in a flash, and overnight the world goes dark….as it has for our kids.

Better to learn about life and the real world from a Survivor, rather than another lecture on global warming and the priorities of diversity and inclusion.

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