Iron Dome missile battery
Iron Dome missile batteryBasel Awidat/Flash90

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder confirmed today (Thursday) that the US will transfer two Iron Dome systems, with their batteries and interceptors, to Israel as the Jewish State faces constant barrages of rockets from the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza and the threat of Hezbollah joining the war with its own massive rocket arsenal in Lebanon.

Ryder also confirmed that among the 900 US soldiers being deployed the the Middle East are a number of air defense operators are being. They will not be sent to Israel specifically, but to the other Middle Eastern countries with US bases as part of America's efforts to bolster its regional posture in the face of the threats of Iran and its terrorist proxies.

“As we’ve said previously, the U.S. will be flowing additional Iron Dome support to Israel,” Ryder said. “As a result, the Department of Defense is currently engaged in planning to support the provision of US Iron Dome batteries to Israel."

The US purchased the two Iron Dome systems from Israel in 2019, after Iron Dome had proven itself in battle with an interception rate of over 90%, revolutionizing missile defense.