Former Knesset member Moshe Feiglin, spoke to Arutz Sheva-Israel National News on the October 7 terrorist attack in southern Israel, which left 1400 men, women, children, and babies murdered, and many thousands injured.

On the current situation, Feiglin stated: “I have been asked if I am worried or concerned. Worried is an understatement. I call this a mini Holocaust. This is much worse than the Kishinev pogrom. Worse than Kristallnacht. For many years, every VIP that came to Israel, where did we take him first? First thing when he landed, we took him straight to Yad Vashem. We did this to say, ‘you see what happens when we don't have a state. This is why we need the state of Israel. So that it will never happen again.’ And now with our army and Air Force and tanks. We have suffered the biggest pogrom here in Israel since the Holocaust.”

“We have to realize that the fact that 18 days have passed since then and we still have not revenged, in a biblical way, and have not caused all of our neighbors and all the antisemites all over the world … we have lost the basic right of every Jew on the globe to exist. And this is because we did not burn Gaza to ashes immediately, immediately! And even worse than that. We have invited the Americans to come. We didn’t do this in 1948, in 1956, in 1967 or in 1973. Thanks to Bibi we have created a Banana Republic here under the wings of America.”

Feiglin believes that “Israeli policy today has destroyed Israel. It has destroyed Israeli sovereignty. I don't know what's left from it. We have destroyed any kind of fear. I mean, every Muslim all over the world has got such a thrill from this beautiful scene that he saw on Simchat Torah. All our enemies now understand that it can be done, and they are just waiting to do it. The people of Israel, who are supposed to represent the good in the world, supposed to represent God, supposed to fight evil, cannot do it even in their homeland. When the entire world has seen that the Jews have not done their job to bring the light over the nations, the light of God over the nations, antisemitism rises all over the world, just as we see now. All the slogans of defeating the Hamas, these are just hot air coming out of politicians’ mouths. Today it’s Hamas and tomorrow they're going to call themselves Jihad. And yesterday they called themselves PLO and today they call themselves the Palestinian Authority. There is no difference between this Arab Muslim and that Arab Muslim. They all have the same mentality.”

He was not surprised by this attack. “Everybody said that they're very surprised to see how cruel they can be. I was not surprised at all. We have seen what ISIS can do. Do you think there's a difference? This is their culture. We see them differently, with our Western eyes. Do you think that if you call them by a different name and give them money, that they're going to start thinking like you? This is a religious war and the only way to win this war is by taking back the Promised Land that they took away from us. Nothing has changed. They don't know any other language."

He also claims that “we keep on telling ourselves stories to keep the Oslo mentality going and so that all the politicians and IDF generals who grew up on the Oslo concepts in the last 30 years can keep their positions. All they do is continue to lie to the Israeli public. We should be bringing back those leaders who are not slaves to the Oslo mentality, like Effi Eitam, Ofer Winter, Ofek Buchris. Bring them now and put them on top.”

Feiglin believes that our immediate goal must be to “destroy Gaza; above ground and the underground tunnels. Only then send the army in. Make sure that all the people of Gaza are running to Rafiah. Create a tremendous humanity crisis. Level the entire area, just as you did in Gush Katif and in Yamit. It seems like we know how to do it when we want to. And rebuild Gush Katif. That's what needs to be done immediately. That's the only answer. Anything less than that, and we'll be defeated, and we'll get the same things again and again; even in a worse way.”

He also claims that “the American hug is a bear hug. I respect the Americans. They should not be here. We should not take any assistance from them. I cannot even start to describe what a disaster we are bringing on ourselves, when the only reason why we haven’t reacted in the last 19 days is because of the Americans, which means that we are going to be defeated because we got help from the Americans, and being defeated in in a situation like that is to invite all our enemies to do it again and again, including the Egyptians. The Americans are not coming here because they love our beautiful Jewish eyes. They have their interests, and the minute their interests change, they will be long gone, and we will be stripped from the ability to protect ourselves.”

Despite this, Moshe Feiglin is positive about our future. “I know that we are going to win because we are the people of the infinity. I don't think that God brought us here after 2,000 years as a macabre joke. No! We are going to win, and we have the strongest people, amazing people. I know we're going to win, but it is our duty to look at reality and understand where the problem is and deal with it. We have to look at reality in the eyes to save Am Yisrael from its own leaders.

“For 30 years, my friends and I have been talking about the need for Jewish leadership, leadership for Israel. There has never been a point in Jewish history that we needed that more than now. So at least now start understanding that you cannot trust Bibi, and you cannot trust Sharon, and you cannot trust any leader, definitely not from the left, but also not from the right, who is not thinking through Emunah, through Jewish faith, and not jumping on the Americans to come save us.”