MK Danny Danon spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about what he expects from the security forces in the coming stage of the war.

"The goal should be eradicating Hamas, from north to south. We should not leave a single neighborhood intact. We should use all our powers and be very determined."

"Since 2005, we have had only limited operations, and Hamas returned after each one bigger and stronger. This time is not another cycle, it’s a war, and winning the war means beating the enemy or they’ve surrendered. I call on Prime Minister Netanyahu and the leadership to finish the job, not to leave Hamas intact in any part of Gaza. We have to act in every neighborhood and not leave any part of them intact.”

“The people of Israel will not accept anything less. I’m not talking about myself, my party, or the coalition - the people of Israel will not accept it. The atrocities we’ve seen were worse than those of the Holocaust, not in the scale or number of the atrocities, but the behavior. I have been exposed to terrible things, and when you face evil, you need to defeat evil.”

Danon claims that the world’s support for Israel is beginning to wane: “Every night I give interviews explaining Israel’s position. At the beginning, everyone was horrified, more by the numbers than by the pictures, but the conversation is slowly becoming about the humanitarian suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza. Whenever I hear that question, I say: ‘Let’s speak about our humanitarian crisis, our babies who were now in Hamas's hands for two weeks’. I’ve never heard of kidnapping babies. We should make clear to the international community that before they come to us with humanitarian requests, they should tell us what is happening with our boys and girls in the hands of Hamas.”

“We have to make this case in every interview. I have called on my colleagues in the government to release this footage, not in Israel, where it may demoralize us, but to the foreign media so the people in the networks will see who we are dealing with when they come and ask us ‘How long will you continue with the operation?”

Danon takes a cautious view of the US aid to Israel: “We respect the support of the US. They showed great support and moral clarity, and we are grateful for that, but we must remain independent in our decision-making. We will stop when we have defeated Hamas, that’s it, like the way the US stopped when they had defeated ISIS or al-Qaeda.”

“I spoke about the border with Gaza at the UN, and said that if we don’t stop them at the border with Gaza, they will come to our communities, rape our daughters and kill our children. People told me that I was exaggerating, but it turns out that I wasn’t - it really happened. Unfortunately, I was proven right - if we don’t defend our borders, we will see what those savages are able to do.”