In a heartfelt plea to the global community, the citizens of Israel find themselves in the midst of an unprecedented catastrophe that has brought the nation to its knees. The situation, unlike anything seen in the region's history, has left the people deeply wounded and in a state of surreal distress.

Over 1,400 innocent citizens and soldiers, solely because they were Jewish, have tragically lost their lives, with more than 3000 wounded and many in critical condition. Additionally, over 200 individuals, including adults, women, children, and infants, find themselves incarcerated, and the numbers continue to rise.


Amidst the chaos of relentless assaults, missile attacks, and ongoing exchanges of fire, thousands of citizens are anxiously awaiting news of their loved ones, while thousands more have been displaced from their homes, uncertain of what the future holds. Israel is now embroiled in a protracted conflict, with the end date still unknown.

The abrupt onslaught caught the State of Israel unprepared, leading to the emergency enlistment of over 400,000 reserve soldiers. The critical shortage of supplies, including food for both soldiers and families on the frontlines, demands immediate attention and support from citizens.

Despite the dire circumstances, the unity among the people of Israel is astounding, and now is the time to demonstrate their unique mutual commitment to help their fellow citizens through these challenging times.

Urgently needed are substantial quantities of military and humanitarian supplies, baby food, toys for children, food packages, medicines, and clothing for thousands of soldiers stationed in conflict zones and the thousands of families taking refuge in bomb shelters. Additionally, there is a pressing need for lodging for hundreds of families from fire-stricken areas who lack safe shelter.


The situation is dire, with many trauma victims requiring medical and psychological care, and orphaned children or those taken captive relying on support. Furthermore, soldiers are requesting tzitzit and Mehudar Tefillin sets for spiritual protection, emphasizing their need for these items.

It's important to highlight that all suppliers have volunteered to provide goods at cost, without seeking profit, and transportation and distribution efforts are carried out by selfless volunteers who seek no compensation, all for the sake of Israel's success.

The plea extends to the global community for support, as every dollar contributed has the potential to save lives. All donations are eligible for tax deductions under Section 501C3.

In these trying times, the citizens of Israel are united and resilient, committed to triumphing over all adversaries. Your immediate support and aid can make a significant difference.