The scene of one of the attacks on 10/7
The scene of one of the attacks on 10/7צילום: TPS

The Ministry of Welfare published Sunday evening (Sunday) very difficult data, according to which the heinous terrorist attack by Hamas in the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip on Saturday, October 7, left 21 children from 13 families without both parents. The number of chldren who lost one parent is still unclear.

One of the 4-year-old girls of one of the families is being held hostage in Gaza. Another girl, who lost her mother and her father, is also being held hostage in Gaza.

Since the outbreak of the attack, social workers of the Ministry and the local authorities have been working to locate all children who lost their parents and have contacted the families where the children are staying.

It was reported that professional teams will provide them with all-inclusive care that includes emotional, mental, and material services, as well as the exercise of rights in regard to all other authorities. Also, the ministry is working to regulate the status of these families for a period of three months, during which the situation of the children and families will be examined, and the needs that arise will be met.

Minister of Welfare Ya’akov Margi said, "The fact that so many children are victims of the heinous attack by Hamas is turning our stomachs. I instructed the relevant professionals in the Ministry to simplify the bureaucratic processes and speed up the provision of services to both the children and families who are caring for them at this time. The Ministry of Welfare is prepared to provide long-term and trauma-focused care for every boy and girl affected by this horrific attack, and in particular for the children who were left orphans."

"The State of Israel will be their mother and father and will take care of them for the rest of their lives. We will not spare any effort and resources to help them recover," he concluded.

At least 1,400 Israelis have been murdered and fallen in battle since Hamas launched the surprise attack on Israel. The families of 212 hostages have been notified. The Ministry of Health updated Sunday morning that 299 injured are hospitalized: 47 in serious condition, 178 in moderate condition, and 87 in mild condition. Since the beginning of the war, 5,132 injured have been evacuated to the hospitals; 12 are in critical condition, 287 in serious condition, 775 in moderate condition, and 3,614 in mild condition. An additional 279 victims are suffering from traumatic shock, and 165 are undergoing medical evaluation.