US Senators Lindsey Graham, Ben Cardin, Jack Reed, Susan Collins, John Thune, Chris Coons, Richard Blumenthal, Cory Booker, Daniel Sullivan, and Katie Britt delivered statements in Tel Aviv on Sunday while visiting Israel amid Israel's war with Hamas.

"10 percent of the US Senate is in Israel because we care. Five Republicans and five Democrats. If I would have had a bigger plane, I would have brought the entire Senate. To our friends in Israel, we stand with you without apology, unequivocal. I come here because I love Israel. I do not hate Palestinians, I hate Hamas. I know the difference," Senator Lindsey Graham opened.

"The goal going forward is to take from this horror and try to make this a better world. I saw things today that I didn't think were possible in 2023. I've seen grown men who've been fighting wars all of their lives be stunned by what they saw.

The level of barbaric behavior here is beyond my ability to explain. What does Hamas mean in English? ISIS. I've seen a lot traveling the world with my friends and my late friend John McCain. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime," Graham declared.

"How does this end? Israel thrives, they survive, Hamas is destroyed, and the Palestinian people have a better life. That's how this has to end," he added.