Arutz Sheva - Israel National News joined IDF Col. Golan Vach, commander of search and rescue operations in southern Israel, as he spoke with a group of MKs and ambassadors who came to visit the terror-stricken communities in southern Israel.

"The music festival was the most difficult scene I've witnessed in my life," he commented. I've had twenty years of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. I was a combat officer in Lebanon and in Hebron. I've seen everything, and this was something else. They had one goal - not to massacre, but to humiliate."

"They gathered young boys in lines and shot them. They raped some of the girls who came to the music festival. Some of the young people were gathered together and burned. We found the remains, and didn't understand what they were at first- we thought perhaps there had been an accident. Then we started searching for the missing, and we saw fire. We said 'Wait, maybe there are people in the fire'. There were twelve people burning. I looked up and saw more fires, and realized that we should just follow the fire. We burned our shoes trying to get them all out. We had to hurry because, in just a few hours like that, there would have been no remains left. I have horrific videos of that."

"Some people say we made it up. I don't know what kind of person could say that. More than a hundred and twenty young people were collected and burned in the music festival, and two hundred fifty people in total were murdered. They took people out of their houses and killed them. There was a decapitated soldier. Some people asked me 'Is it true?' I tell them, 'I carried him, from this very spot.' I don't know anyone besides ISIS who decapitated people and took the head - we didn't find the head. It's both torture and humiliation, that you can't be identified by your face."

"I cannot express in words the feelings of a Jewish soldier who came to Israel who came to defend the state of Israel, and finds himself collecting the burned bones of his own brothers and sisters."