Kathy Hochul at the Western Wall
Kathy Hochul at the Western WallThe Western Wall Heritage Foundation

As part of the solidarity visit by the Governor of New York to Israel during Israel's war with Hamas, on Thursday morning, NY Governor Kathy Hochul arrived at the Western Wall for a visit and to pray for peace and security.

Hochul was welcomed by the rabbi of the Western Wall and the holy sites, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who explained to her the importance of this holy place for the Jewish people as a source of prayer, hope, and yearning for the Jewish people throughout the generations, and even more so in times as difficult for the Jewish people as the present.

"There is no one like the residents of New York who understand the wickedness, hatred, and evil of these animalistic humans," Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz told Hochul. "Twenty years ago, they attacked the Twin Towers and killed about three thousand people without distinction, and now this evil has returned with even greater cruelty, targeting infants, women, and the elderly."

"If we do not stop them as they deserve, these acts will, heaven forbid, repeat themselves.

"The solidarity of the residents of New York encourages and expresses the world's understanding of the barbaric actions of our enemies. In the name of the people of Israel, I want to thank you and the residents of New York for their support."

During her visit to the Western Wall, Governor Kathy Hochul stated: "I came here to convey a message that the residents of New York and the United States, all of them, will stand with Israel - now and in the future."

"I believe that good will prevail because we must not allow evil to win. I came to this holy site to pray for peace and security and for the return of the captives and abductees. I hope to visit here again after the victory."

At the end of her visit, the Governor signed the guestbook with a blessing: "To the people of Israel, We pray for peace, free from violence. We pray for peace for all innocent victims of the attack on the Jewish people. May the arc of Justice bend toward Justice. We stand in solidarity."